I grew up in Milford, NH and enjoyed writing ever since my high school English teacher gave us time to write in our daily journals. I wrote stories based on the game I was playing at the time, "Bard's Tale" and used to narrate in my mind what was happening as I went to my next class. I took science all four years including chemistry and physics. Did take BASIC programming, psychology, and Middle East Studies. Went to Israel in 1987.

I took creative writing in college and had many different assignments including a short story final. I majored in Counseling with a minor in Philosophy; with drums as my unofficial minor. I married a southern belle.

After college, I wrote many short stories, even some fan fiction, and had once started another novel. I find inspiration in all kinds of places. Once I get an idea, it is off and running.
Currently working on my fifth and sixth book with plans for many, many more.

I live in NH with my wife and one cat, Frodo. I work as a web developer for my own company, currently co-authoring a mobile tower defense game and a desktop epic RPG. Also been working on a road manger app. I am always learning, always researching, always working on one thing or another. Even when there is nothing to do, you can always think about what happens in the next chapter.

I am the Road Manger for a Nu-Metal band that my friend started. My wife is Merchandise manger. We have gigs about twice a month. I play PC games, mostly RPG, strategy, adventure, and two MMOs.

I enjoy various styles of music from dark classical to 60s, 70s, 80s, blues, classic and symphonic metal. Also enjoy instrumental, Celtic, Gaelic, and English folk. I play both electric and acoustic guitars, drums, sing first tenor and always enjoy a good jam.

I've studied Northern and Southern style Kung Fu, staff, and sword (Tornado Tiger), and internal forms of Tai Chi and Bagwa. My current rank is brown belt. Also enjoy science fiction in all its varied forms.