What People are saying:

Harmonic Differential:
"I don't normally like to read, but I like reading this." - SB
"I can't put it down; have to know what happens next!" - GG
"It's Good!" - SK "I thought it was a really good first effort! I read the whole thing, so it kept me interested.
It made me think that writing a book is hard because there's so much detail and so many characters to keep track of so I was impressed that you were able to do that" -TK

Dark City:
"This reminded me of the Twilight Zone or One Step Beyond I used to watch when I was young." -AY

"I enjoyed Dark City. The build-up to Jeremiah’s discover was slow and insidious." -TS

"So creepy! ..." -JH

Susan Horsnell
Urban Swashbuckler