In My Blood is now out and available for purchase!
There is a plague on an alien world and emissaries have been sent to all inhabited planets to find the Chosen One. It is he that will cure that plague that now afflicts so many. Thomas Anderson, from New Hampshire, is just about to start his third year of pre-med at Emory University when he meets a strange little man.
Tom is whisked away to the whirlpool galaxy as he starts researching the plague and begins working towards a cure. Little does he know that the cure will cost him everything! He must decide if he is willing to give up his life for a people he doesn’t know on a world that is not his own.
Available for Kindle, POD paperback, MOBi, PDF, and EPub

Dark City: Rise and Fall of the Builders is now out and available for purchase!
What does it mean to be human? How can we explain evil in the world? What if an AI confronts you about a flaw in your programming? Join Jeremiah Xidorn as he is taken from the world he thinks he knows into a place of decision. Will he side with his captors; will he fight back? Delve into these and other questions…
Available for Kindle, POD paperback, MOBi, PDF, and EPub

Cadre' of Vampires "There is a cadre of vampires in my town, but no one believes me!" These words were spoken into an electronic device that was found in the woods. John Abbott is now missing! Follow Deputy Sheriff Fred Turner as the mystery deepens and people who had gone missing are now showing up on a lonely road at night with glowing red eyes, pale skin, bald heads, and a taste for blood. Is it all real or just a delusion fabricated by a tortured soul?
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Harmonic Differential is my first science fiction novel. It's all about the adventures of Andros, an astrophysics professor in Berkeley, CA. He is driven mad by dreams of lights that he doesn't understand. These dreams lead him to build a ship that can travel harmonically. After several adventures, he is pursued by an unknown man, who seems bent on his destruction. He saves a young boy from being hit by a truck in the past, without knowing it was his father, thus creating a temporal paradox from which there may be no escape.
It is available: EPub, MobiPocket, PDF, Paperback, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble
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